Thursday, September 27, 2012

Audrey's Quick Morning Story

{{hand rubbing tummy}}
{{hand waving in front of face}}
{{head nodding}}
Say "please"
{{hand rubbing tummy}}
{{head nodding}}
Say "please"
{{hand rubbing tummy}}
{{head nodding}}
Say "please"
{{hand rubbing tummy}}
Say "thank you"
{{hand waving in front of face}}
{{jazz hands}}
All done?
{{head nodding}}
{{arms up}}
{{feet on ground}}
{{flipping pages}}
{{pointing to small humans}}
{{hugging the dog}}
{{at the door}}
{{holding keys}}
Bye, baby.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Picking Pinterest Apart: Blake had his doubts...

But I just KNEW that this Pinterest project wasn't to be poo-poo'd.
So here is the Pinterest inspiration.
And here is my version.
 It's not quite the same.
For one, the new brand of balloons and other party supplies at Target is TERRIBLE.
For two, I couldn't find "greening pins" anywhere - I searched Target and Michael's. I even asked for assistance from a store clerk. Which I NEVER do.   
But I did leave the plastic wrap on the wreath as suggested by the originator. Good choice.
And the straight pins I used worked okay (though they kept pushing all the way through the balloon).
 I am going to keep my eyes out for the "greening pin" things and will fix up the wreath as soon as I find them. I think that they will help to hold the balloons on better and I might be able to add more to the wreath. I'm hoping that this colorful fella is a party of many birthday celebrations for years to come!

Also Pinteresty is this newish addition to our dining room... chalkboard paint! I wanted to do the whole wall, but stopped at this good-sized square. It's going to be a bitch to paint over when the time comes to try to sell our house (or maybe we'll just leave it) but I love it!

Both of these Pinteresting things?
Totally worthy.