Friday, August 24, 2012

The Beginning of the End or the End of the Beginning

And, it's over.
Breastfeeding that is.
I'm okay with it.
I'm not going to cry (anymore) about it.
I'm going to pretend like Audrey isn't crying (anymore) about it.\
I'm going to remember that
I rocked it.
Multiple times a day.
Early in the morning
Late at night.
For 15 months.
I rocked my baby in my arms.
Multiple times a day.
Early in the morning.
Late at night.
For 15 months.
We rocked it together.
For her health.
For my health.
For mother-daughter bonding.
We stared at each other for hours and hours.
She thinks my name is "mi" as in "milk".
She thinks squeezing her hand together in a pulsating fist means me.
And maybe it did.
For 15 months.
I need a break.
I need time to play with her and talk with her and read to her.
I need time to sleep in the mornings.
I need her to say "mama" when she sees me, not "mi" or "mo".
And she will.
I hope.
It's only been five days.
She loves Dada and Bebe (Toby) more than me.
For now.
She doesn't want to cuddle with me.
For now.
I'm sad.
For now.
But I love her more than ever.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Unframeables

In my last post.
I regalled you with wonderfully cute photos of my adorable smiley Audrey.
One for each month of the first year of her life.
But now.
I give you.
What the other 4,962 photos I took of her look like.

Skeptical baby.

Sad baby.

Over exposed, posessed baby.

Dare I say it - drunk baby.

Followed by, hung over baby.

She's a smooth criminal. Owe!

Ready to launch.

Face first onto the floor.

This DOES NOT EVEN LOOK LIKE my baby, who is decidedly A GIRL.

And thankfully, neither does this. Most of the time.

So done with this.

And now, so am I.
Promises. Promises.
Next time.

Someone want to send me a faster camera?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Year in 12 Flashes

No points for creativity on this one.
Monthly number stickers.
On a onesie.
 In the same chair.
With the same toy.
Of course you can see from photo to photo how big Audrey grew in the course of her first year.
And they aren't even very good photos.
But I love them all the same.
And I remember each time I slapped that sticker on the onesie and sat her in the chair.
Shouted "Don't move, baby!"
And snapped away.

 Nevermind what happened to month 9... it is a mystery to all of us.

And then, with this photo, we were done.
She climbed down from the chair on her own.
12 whole months just flew by.
In a flash.
My baby is not so much a baby.
But a little girl.

And she can choose which item of upholstered "furniture" she prefers for our photo shoots.
Not a bad choice here, little girl.