Monday, April 29, 2013

A Weekend in the Life of

Weekends come in two types around here. The ones where Blake has to work. And the ones where he doesn't. I'm sure I do not need to elaborate on which I prefer. Or why. But I will anyways.

The ones where Blake has to work start earlier.
The ones where he doesn't start later.

The ones where Blake has to work start with Audrey crying and whining for over an hour.
The ones where he doesn't start with us all snuggling and laughing in bed together and then enjoying breakfast and playtime in our pjs.

The ones where Blake has to work find me chasing Toby under the bed with a rogue sock, or toy, or crayon, or hundred dollar bill.
The ones where Blake doesn't find me standing by while the man does all the chasing.

The ones where Blake has to work involve me going to the grocery store with Audrey in tow, sometimes twice.
The ones where he doesn't involve either a family outing or a solo trip, either occurring in half the time of the alternative.

The ones where Blake has to work involve me wracking my brain to come up with activities to keep Audrey busy and happy.
The ones where he doesn't involve seemingly effortless and endless things to do.

The ones where Blake has to work involve me taking Audrey and Toby solo for a 2.5 mile walk around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Audrey crying for 2.4 miles of the walk.
The ones where Blake doesn't do not involve questionable activities like taking Audrey and Toby solo for a 2.5 mile walk around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Audrey crying for 2.4 miles of the walk.

The ones where Blake has to work involve me trying to find time to do the laundry, fold clothes, put clothes away, making food for everyone, cleaning the kitchen, all while exhausted and exasperated.
The ones where he doesn't involve me being able to do all of those things without the frustration.

The ones where Blake has to work leave me counting the minutes and seconds until he comes home and wishing that Monday would hurry up already.
The ones where he doesn't leave me happy and looking forward to the next weekend we spend together.

The ones where Blake has to work simply mean that I know, on a small scale, what it must feel like to (1) be a stay-at-home mom or (2) a single parent.
The ones where Blake doesn't remind me why we are in this family endeavor together.

This past weekend, like all weekends of any variety with a two-year old (TWO IN JUST TWO WEEKS!!!!), involved fun and frustration, laughter and tears, peace and chaos. Blake worked, so the frustration, tears and chaos were a bit elevated. But, like always, we survived. I love my little bug so much and even when I am just waiting for her daddy to get home so that I can pee in peace or eat my own snack without little fingers poking into it, her smile lights up my life. Shoot, sometimes even her frown lights up my life. And when Audrey's not pulling her weight in lighting up my life? Toby takes over.

Not exactly doing it for me at Mutt Strut... loved all the woof woofs, but had a hard time appreciating that we could only walk one way on the track.

This one though? The most perfect angel dog of all angel dogs in town. Rocked the Mutt Strut. Not that it's a competition, but he won.

Love them both.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Quick Thoughts on Boston

I have mixed emotions about yesterday's bombings at the Boston Marathon. I feel relief that the few people I know who happened to be in Boston, for the marathon, are all safe and sound. I feel angry that this happened. I feel sadness for the families who have lost loved ones and for those who will live with the scars and injuries of the day forever. I feel helpless. I feel scared. I feel annoyed.

The number one question people were asking on the radio this morning was: "Was the scene chaotic?" It's like, they were trying to get witnesses who were calling in to add to the drama and admit that there was pandemonium, to say that somehow, because there was chaos, terror was achieved, that the Marathon planners weren't prepared, that the city of Boston is full of hot-headed people who can't "STAY CALM" in an emergency. I had to turn the radio off.

Of course it was chaos, you idiot djs. Bombs went off in the middle of what was otherwise a glorious day. People were killed and injured out of nowhere.What else would you have people do? Sit in their seats and not run away? Pick up their belongings and children and just walk home or to their hotels? Hail a cab? Use their indoor voices rather than calling out about the people nearby with serious, horrific injuries? Yeah, that type of response wouldn't be concerning at all. Chaos is what we should expect. Chaos is a human response to tragedy. It doesn't mean that people weren't prepared, or that people weren't helpful. It just means they were human. I'm not going to listen to the radio again until they stop asking the nonsense questions and giving whoever did this credit and start focusing on the helpers and the heroes and the victims.

If you've ever run a long race, you know the feeling of euphoria that fills your body as you approach the finish line. If you've ever watched someone you care about finish a long race, you know the feelings of pride and respect that you feel for them as they finish. Long races tear down the body but build up the spirit. The people who were in Boston yesterday - racers and spectators alike - understand that. They and the city of Boston will recover. We all will. Hopefully we will hold on to the feelings of euphoria and pride and want to race again. Hopefully we will all want to move forward together and continue to make our world a safer, more peaceful place. I know that I will, because that feeling you get from being a part of a moving crowd of people all sharing the same goal - whether it be finishing a race or world peace or something else - is powerful.

And. The people who are responsible will pay. May they never drink chocolate milk again.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

4 1 96 13+ 11 153 129

Most of you who read and/or follow my blog are also either (1) my close family and friends or (2) my facebook friends. Thus, you already know the biggest news that there is to know about the Erdel family right now:

We are expanding again!

And we couldn't be happier. Well, I could be happier. If I didn't gag all day long, I would be happier. If I could sleep through the night, I would be happier. But, other than that, we really couldn't be happier. And, the end to those things is in sight. The magical second trimester is right around the corner. And I loved that part of my first pregnancy. And, I plan to love it again this time . And now, your questions answered, by the numbers:

4. How many months we tried before getting pregnant. Long in the grand scheme of things? No. Long compared to how long it takes many women to get pregnant? No. Do I feel lucky? Yes. But, when you are trying, 14 days between events seems like an eternity and, even though you know it's normal, you start to worry that something is wrong. My prayers and compassion go out to all of those I know who are still trying. Your babies will come when the time is right!

1. How many miscarriages (we think) we had this time. But, unlike last time, it was so early that it really didn't register. Sad? Yes. Very sad? No. Thank you for not asking the details. We are lucky. And again, prayers out to those who are still waiting.

96. How many days pregnant I am. Or for those of you who can't do that kind of math, 13 weeks and a few days.

11. My due date. In October. Probably the day this one will be born as I'm leaning towards a scheduled c-Section this time around. No pitocin, ever again. No labor and then a section, ever again. And the term "VBAC" makes me think of a Dyson. Doesn't exactly evoke smooth-birth-experience feelings. Plus, the 11th is a Friday. A weekend at the hospital sounds awesome.

153. The baby's heart rate at our ob check-up today.

129. How much I weighed at today's appointment. That's with my clothes and shoes on. By my estimate and home weigh-ins, I can safely gain 21 more lbs. Sweet.

The other most frequently asked question (either aloud or in your head): Are you going to find out if it's a boy or a girl? Are you going to trick us again? We don't know. Seriously. We don't. Have until May 16th to decide.

So, with that, thanks for your good wishes and prayers for a continued smooth pregnancy!