Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Results are In

And I do not have gestational diabetes or any of the other conditions (low iron, for example) that I was tested for last week!  That, my friends, is great news for any mom-to-be, but especially for a worrier like me!  Other than my own touch-and-go concerns about my low weight gain (which have been more go than touch the last few weeks, as I've now gained 15lbs) and this rash (which is starting to clear up after a strict regiment of cold showers and hydrocortisone cream), I'm feeling so blessed to still be in good health (and to qualify for the most preferred rating offered by my life insurance company...)  Let's just hope it stays that way for the next 12 weeks or so!

In other news, the nursery is just about complete and I can't wait to share photos... just need to finalize our plans for what is going on the walls and pick out a new light fixture!  I'm also having a serious urge to do things like re-paint all the doors (entry and closet) in the house which are starting to look dingy for some reason, wash the bathroom walls, detail the floor boards, hose down the basement, clean out the garage... are these feelings a part of what they call nesting?  If I had more time, I'm pretty sure I'd be sewing curtains and would have Sprout's baptism gown halfway ready to wear (I have big plans for this baptism gown... we'll see if they materialize during my maternity leave!)

Speaking of photos, could someone please invent a camera that floats around in my general vicinity and takes pictures of picture-worthy moments for me?  All such moments in my life are plagued by either the complete lack of a photo-capturing device or me remembering to use said photo-capturing device.  Even now that I have this fantastic camera that I got for Christmas, not many more photos are being taken than were before! I HAVE to get better at this before Sprout arrives!  I need to work on getting some more bump pics too...

Even with an unfinished nursery, dusty floorboards, dingy doors, and no photos... I'm happy tonight to have my health.  My prayers go out to those who don't.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Long-Overdue but Not Much Good and Random

So, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get ultrasound pictures into the computer in a way that lets me post them to the blog!  I know it can be done though and am happily accepting your suggestions on how to do it...

A post about our ultrasound appointment (that was over a month ago at 22 weeks) doesn't seem like much of a post without the pictures, but, I will share this:

- Sprout is adorable
- Sprout appears to have all of the appropriate parts in all of the appropriate places
- Sprout is modest and/or a bit stubborn
- Blake probably felt more like a dad at the ultrasound, seeing his baby on the screen, than he had up to that point
- I felt utterly relieved to know that there was a human baby and not an alien moving around in there

and most importantly...

- Sprout's gender is going to be a surprise, so please stop asking :)

I have my next appointment later this morning and am somewhat dreading the 1-hour glucose tolerance test that I'm all signed up for.  Eating turkey and cheese for breakfast was bad enough...  I'm hoping I pass, as I am not used to failing tests of an sort.  More importantly, I hope I pass because I want to be healthy, have a healthy baby, and have a complication free pregnancy!  I also hear that failing the 1-hour test leads to a longer, more painful 3-hour test and that failure of that test may ultimately mean that your baby is 10 pounds or something at birth.  That, my friends, would not be good for my 5"2 frame or my lady parts.

In other news, whether its pregnancy related or just dry skin caused by the weather and showers that are way too hot, I don't know, but my stretched-out tummy has erupted in a red, itchy bitchy rash that is hindering my sleep and annoying me pretty much every minute of every day for the last two days.  I picked up various oatmeal-based products at CVS and am going to try a couple of other home remedies this evening, in hopes that I can sleep through the night tonight.  And if not, thank God I'll see the doctor at some point between drinking the cool-aid and having my blood drawn...

In lieu of ultrasound photos... a few of my favorite things...

Love Sandra Boynton! Moo.

Love this little lambie onesie!

Love this diaper cake! Thanks, Casey!

Off to drink the cool-aid,