Sunday, January 11, 2015

What's New With the Two

Kids that is.
When we aren't sick (which has been often these last few months), we are having fun.

Evan is fully mobile. Walking, running, climbing on everything, jumping on everything, and occasionally falling off everything. That's cool. And scary. He loves to dance and eat bananas. If you say "where's Evan?" he covers his eyes. If you call him a monkey, he puts his hands in his armpits and makes an "ooh ooh" noise. He also does an elephant impression and pants like a dog when he sees one. He can dunk like a boss, claps for himself, and laughs hysterically when you put him over your head and tickle his tummy with the top of your head. He walks up to me 47 times a day with a book in his hand and will crawl into my lap to read whenever I give him the chance. He loves to look at family photos. He has a bunch of teeth and would have a mullet except that I've been trimming the back whenever he'll hold still long enough for me to get a little trim in.He likes to take baths, eat dog food, and is so very smart. He got a Christmas ornament in his stocking from Grandpa and Oma and immediately walked over to the tree and set it on a branch. He still sleeps in the pack-n-play in the den on account of the not regularly sleeping through the night thing and is now officially attached to a blue bull (I think it's a bull) lovey. Unfortunately for all of us, it appears that said bull has been discontinued by Little Giraffe, so I'm looking for another acceptable match for back up... He's so frustrating when he's sick, but so cute all of the time.

Audrey is really fully potty trained as in, wakes up in the middle of the night and takes herself to the bathroom potty trained. That's cool. And also scary. She loves to wear dresses, including but not limited to the Elsa dress she received for Christmas that is already falling apart from over-use. She asked Santa for princesses and princesses only. She can write the letter "A" and knows how to spell her name (though she usually forgets the "e"). She likes to be the first one to see Evan in the morning when he wakes up and maybe that's why she's been waking up at 5:30am? Her favorite food is "rogret" AKA yogurt and breakfast food in general seems to be her weakness. Thank goodness the smoothie phase has passed, I was getting really tired of cleaning the blender 2x a day. She likes to tell stories, play pretend "I'm the mom", talk to herself, play a new game we have called "Zingo" and watch Dora the Explorer. She spontaneously tells us that she loves us and it just makes my day.

I have to sometimes remind myself, when the days are hard and snotty, that I'm blessed and privileged to get to take care of these two special people. Being their mom (or "the grandma" as Audrey calls me when she's "the mom"...) is awesome.

Hope you are all having a wonderful 2015. I'm sure ours will be another eventful 365 days. Kate