Friday, May 31, 2013

Dear Blake:

Hard to believe that we have been married for five years today.
We were engaged for two and together for almost six before that.
Seems like an eternity and a millisecond, both at the same time.
There have been
(Break) ups and downs
And for each one of those, there has been a perfect counter of






New life
and above all else

Happy Anniversary, Blaker

Your Kato

Friday, May 24, 2013

A Vacation Recap You Don't Want to Ignore

I hate reading other peoples' vacation-related blog posts. Usually because I am reading about them over a luke-warm Lean Cuisine, at my desk, in the office, with stacks of paper and books all around me and a very thick pane of glass (and a 25-story fall) between me and the great outdoors. So, with that, I am very conscious of the fact that you too, my friends and followers, might similarly not want to read about my latest vacation. That's fine. I understand. You can stop soon. But not before you read about the best and most exciting part of our vacation.

Before I get to that though, I want to at least mention the good parts that happened before the best and most exciting part of our vacation. It all started with a smooth flight to Dallas for me, Blaker, and little A. Why Dallas? Because, that's where my cousin Leslie was getting married. We stayed at a fantastic resort - the Gaylord Texan - with my dad, his wife Mary Anne, my brother, and a handful of other family members from my mom's side of the family. We enjoyed all things Texas - namely swimming, hot dogs, sleeping in the same room with Audrey, fishes, swimming trains, local diners, swimming and several trips to Target. My cousin's wedding was beautiful. I rocked a $25 Target maternity dress. I drank champagne. Oops? Proof of some but not all these things:

Part two of our Dallas extravaganza involved trips to the Dallas World Aquarium:

And the Dallas Zoo:

Both were good but Audrey especially loved the pizza at the Aquarium. And imitating the penguins.

The next leg of our vacation meant heading back to Indianapolis to celebrate Audrey's 2nd Birthday! I can't believe it's been two years.

We also took some time in Indianapolis to do laundry, clean our house (we had a few rooms painted while we were away), and see the OB to take a look in on Baby #2. So happy to report that the little one is looking healthy and measuring right on track (now 19+ weeks) and that I'm finally over the nausea that plagued the first few months of this pregnancy.

This is how great I look at 20 weeks this time around:

Compare to 19 weeks with Audrey:

Wowsas. Swears there's only one in there!

And for the final hurrah? Blake and I traveled sans Audrey to Chicago. We lucked out on raffle tickets to see The Book of Mormon. Our seats were literally in the front row - the actors were sweating on me and I could have plucked a string on the viola in the pit if I wanted to. It was, in a word, hysterical. In another word, it was evil. But, in a hysterical way. Go see it if you ever get a chance. My favorite part? One of the lead actors was the presto magic nerdy roommate in Pitch Perfect. He was great. And extra sweaty.

We then had a fantastic Saturday at a Cubs game (W!) and exploring with our friends Kelly and Eric. Sunday, the presto magic ended but we happily returned to our big two year old!

Okay, so that's it. Not such a bad vacation recap post, was it? Thanks for sticking it out.

Boy, oh boy, what a nice life I have!