Monday, June 30, 2014

Why all of my posts (if I had time to post) are about how time flies.

Because, just look at these pictures, it just flies. Absolutely flies.
We cruised through winter (well, no, we sloshed, slipped on the ice, skated, sledded, and other things, while wishing we were on a cruise) to Easter.
Then, before we knew it, we were wearing our summer jammies to walk to Starbucks on the weekends for much-needed coffee and "special milk" for the big 3 year old. 
 And then Evan could sit up with no problems and is a content water baby.
Audrey became extremely confused (perhaps we've watched "Frozen" one too many times) and decided that snow Angels in June (complete with the coat, gloves and hat) were fun.
And then, Evan, at 8+ months, completely lost his mind and started pulling up much sooner than mommy was ready for.
It flies.