Sunday, February 10, 2013

How having a sick child makes you really appreciate your job...

Even though the flu is out in full force this year and kids seem to be oozing snot everywhere I go, Audrey has been healthy enough to go to daycare since Christmas. She's had the sniffles and some loose poop, a minor temp one afternoon, and mega drool that I think is related to some new teeth. But, she's not been sent home from school and I just about made my hours in January. Coincidence. Absolutely not. Sick children are tough. They require full attention and pretty much no one can give it to them but mom and/or dad. Usually just mom.

But, tonight, Audrey is not healthy enough to go to school tomorrow. She's had really gross, watery poop (AKA diarrhea) all weekend and threw up last night. I know, for a fact know, that she will be sent home from school tomorrow before noon with that poop. And, the teachers will be pissed at us for sending her in the first place. Especially since they've been starring her daily report card for loose poops for a week. Especially since they sent home a little "reminder" about when kids can't come to school just last Thursday... and loose poop is reason number 1.

So, we're going to keep her home. And we're not even calling in reinforcements (MiMoo) to help. Blake can take the morning shift, I'll come home at 11 and get her fed and down for a nap, and then B will be home to take over again. I'll maybe get a few hours of real work in. I'll do some necessary stuff. I'll show my face to my co-workers. I will appreciate the couple of hours of quiet I can have at the office. And, even more than that, I'll be extra extra thankful that I have the type of education that qualifies me for the type of professional career that takes place in a work environment where I am treated like a responsible adult and I can generally come and go as I please without risking my job. And, they might even ask if my kid is okay.

So, while I often complain about work, how it keeps me from Audrey, and all things related thereto, thank you God for this job at this moment. I know that others are not so lucky for so many reasons. Because in this job, I get to take care of my sick baby when no one else can, and I get to close my office door for a moment of poop-free silence. Both in the same day.


PS Thank you, too, to Blake. Of course.