Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Unframeables

In my last post.
I regalled you with wonderfully cute photos of my adorable smiley Audrey.
One for each month of the first year of her life.
But now.
I give you.
What the other 4,962 photos I took of her look like.

Skeptical baby.

Sad baby.

Over exposed, posessed baby.

Dare I say it - drunk baby.

Followed by, hung over baby.

She's a smooth criminal. Owe!

Ready to launch.

Face first onto the floor.

This DOES NOT EVEN LOOK LIKE my baby, who is decidedly A GIRL.

And thankfully, neither does this. Most of the time.

So done with this.

And now, so am I.
Promises. Promises.
Next time.

Someone want to send me a faster camera?

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