Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Year in 12 Flashes

No points for creativity on this one.
Monthly number stickers.
On a onesie.
 In the same chair.
With the same toy.
Of course you can see from photo to photo how big Audrey grew in the course of her first year.
And they aren't even very good photos.
But I love them all the same.
And I remember each time I slapped that sticker on the onesie and sat her in the chair.
Shouted "Don't move, baby!"
And snapped away.

 Nevermind what happened to month 9... it is a mystery to all of us.

And then, with this photo, we were done.
She climbed down from the chair on her own.
12 whole months just flew by.
In a flash.
My baby is not so much a baby.
But a little girl.

And she can choose which item of upholstered "furniture" she prefers for our photo shoots.
Not a bad choice here, little girl.


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  1. Love this post Kate!
    Thanks for allowing us a glimpse into your family's life!