Friday, October 29, 2010

Blogging to Stay Relevant?

You know you were born in the early 80's if...

You remember floppy disks that were floppier than the other obsolete floppy disks.  Check.
You learned how to type by instant-messaging on the huge, slow family desktop. Check.
You had a cell phone in high school, but texting had not yet been invented.  Check.
You started facebooking in grad school when you still needed a college url to sign up.  Check.
You tell your boss that you can type, print, sign, copy, and mail that letter he wants you to write twice as fast as he can dictate it and get it out.  And you prove it.  Check.
You haven't used a hard copy of a dictionary, phone book, map, you-name-it in years.  Check.
You blog about your hobbies, your baby (and the bump), about everything, and anything?  Wait, what??? 

Blogging? Is this something I need to do to stay on par with other members of my generation?  Are iPods and Facebook just not enough anymore?  When did this happen?  HOW did this happen, and without me knowing it? I mean, I'm not a techno-phobe.  I don't panic when the blue screen flashes.  I hit buttons on the printer until it does what I want it to.  I have a touch screen phone and I know how to use most of its features, including the phone, the GPS navigation system, and most importantly, the strobe light flashlight app.  I text.  I email.  I've even blogged for work.  But blogging about my own life or interests?  Just never dawned on me that it would be worth my time.  I do love to write, but enough to share it with other people on a regular basis?  I also love to read other people's blogs - I'm shamelessly interested in what other people who are cooler than I am are doing.  Even people I don't really know...  But who in the world would want to read my blog? 

Well, despite my fears that no one, and I mean no one, will ever read my blog, leaving me a sad, lonely, blog-star wannabe, I've obviously decided to bite the bullet, swallow my pride and just blog it.  My decision has been sparked by my desire to keep up with my generation and because now, for the first time, I feel like I (we - Blake and I) have something to blog about that at least our very dearest family and friends will be interested in - we're expecting our first baby!  So, here we go - blogging to keep up, blogging to stay relevant, blogging to preserve e-memories for our child, who God knows, will never be interested in looking through a hard copy of the scrapbook that I now don't have to create for him/her.



  1. Congrats on the soon to be here baby!! It is an amazing time and I wish you the best!!

  2. LOVE your first post- will definitely be a 'follower'! Congratulations on expecting - so excited for you guys!!!

  3. I am definitely one of those "dearest family members" who is thrilled to see you've started this! Kate, you have such a gift for writing-can't wait to see more! What fun lies ahead! Hugs!

  4. I'll follow you :) Welcome to world of infinite information sharing possibilities . . . I am so happy my best friend has become a blog-ista!

    Oh, and the baby thing - You know how excited I am for you. But wait, you have a bump?!? Already?