Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mission Maggie's Wedding Accomplished!

For the last nine months or so I have bargained with Sprout and Mother Nature over just one thing... my best friend Maggie's wedding.  (I've bargained with God over other important stuff like a smooth pregnancy and healthy baby.)  You may already know this from previous posts, but Sprout's due date (May 8th) and Maggie's wedding day (May 7th) were kind of close.  Though I tried to be positive in thinking that I would be able to attend the wedding and serve in my role as Matron of Honor, I was also realistic in knowing that it may not be possible.  There were times when I considered RSVPing "no" just to avoid the disappointment,  especially since the wedding was a two hour drive away in Cincinnati.  Many people, including some of my doctors, looked at me like I was crazy when I mentioned the possibility of going to the wedding.  Others, probably sensing my sadness at the prospect of missing my best friend's wedding, encouraged me and said "maybe it will work out!"  

To all those optimists - YOU WERE RIGHT!  It did work out!

BFF's at the rehearsal dinner
Mr. and Mrs. Nate Parkhouse!
Making a smooth exit

Congratulations, Maggie!  I love you!
After learning at my appointment on Thursday that Sprout was not in any hurry to appear and getting an under-the-table approval from Dr. G., we made the decision to go to Cincinnati on Friday and then just see what happened.  And friends, nothing in the baby birth department happened.  I was able to attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, get glammed up with the rest of the bridal party on Saturday morning, walk down the aisle wearing purple heels and a maternity dress, carry my beautiful flowers and take photos with my best friend.  I also got to eat a fantastic meal, give the toast I've been drafting in my head for over a year, and dance with both my dad and Blake.  I felt really good and the weekend was perfect.

Check out the cute cake toppers...

Slow (very slow) dancing with my dad!

My dad, me and Mary Anne

Proud Blaker ;)

High school friends
Of course, I may now pay the price for the wonderful gift of being able to attend the wedding - Sprout is STILL in no hurry to make an appearance!  I guess he or she took me seriously when I asked for patience and no drama!  The doctor noted very little progress at my appointment yesterday and I'm now just waiting for the OB nurse to call to schedule my induction date. Boo.  It won't be until the weekend though and I'm still hoping to that things will get started on their own before then... so, we'll see! 

In the meantime, please, no advice on how to get labor started.  We've heard it all and about all I can tolerate is the walking and spicy food :)  Both of which I am trying at every opportunity...


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  1. So glad that things worked out for you. I know what it’s like to miss a close acquaintance’s wedding. Imagine what I felt when I missed my grandchild’s wedding. The wedding was organized at the venue NYC and I was in a hospital bed in Berlin. They wanted to postpone the wedding for me but I was against it. Did give my wishes through Skype, thank God for modern technology!