Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Still Standing

And still pregnant. But neither for very long! I'm scheduled for a repeat c-section on October 10th, so the days of this pregnancy are numbered. I figured I should get a quick post in before then, as lots of things have been happening in our little Erdel world!

Audrey is fantastic. She's the light of my world right now and I really have no idea how Baby Boy is ever going to compete with his big sister for an equal-sized peice of my heart. I'm told that it won't be a problem and that I'll love all of my children... I don't doubt it, it's just hard to imagine. Though she can be kind of terrible sometime, Audrey is mostly amazingly fun. She loves to cuddle, wants me to hold her and show her things and read to her. She loves to jump on the bed (at the same time as singing "no more monkeys jumping on the bed"), sleeps (all night long and) with her head touching the rails of her crib, likes to help clean and cook, prepares picnics for us and pretends to eat food. She asks for ice cream and mac & cheese for breakfast. She's learning and trying new things and now:

- Puts her own clothes on
- Counts to ten (though she regularly skips three)
- Sings a good portion of the ABCs
- Puts her head under water at the pool

She's just mostly a joy to be around and we are so blessed to have this happy, healthy little girl in our lives.

Baby Boy. Is still technically unnamed though we think we know what we will call him. Does that make sense? He's growing just fine and moving about regularly! I'm really excited to meet him. And really excited for this discomfort to to be over!

And, now, I'm tired. I should do some work.



  1. So, so sweet! I know how you're feeling, Kate! Trust me, the love you have for that baby boy will amaze you, as well. It gets harder (with 2) but also better! Enjoy your last few days/weeks as a mama of one. We'll be thinking about you guys! Love from MI!

    1. PS: I don't know how this ended up here - it was meant for the letter to Audrey post. Stupid blogger.

    2. Haha! No worries - just glad I found it (I usually don't see comments until weeks after they are posted!) and thanks for the encouragement! Hope you guys are well!