Tuesday, November 26, 2013

He's here! {duh}

I'm tired and in the middle of laundry and packing to head to Cincinnati for Thanksgiving, so I'm going to cut right to the chase on this one...

Unlike this overdue post, Baby Boy Erdel was not quite overdue on October 9th when I went into labor the day before I was scheduled for a repeat C-section. I believe it was induced by my dentist appointment earlier that morning. The hygienist telling me that I have signs of gingivitis really ticked me off. Or by the bacon I ate with my lunch. It was really good. Either way, it was for real and I managed the contractions all afternoon and evening. After we tucked Audrey into bed at MiMi and Poppy's and had one last date night, the pressure turned into pain and at about 1:30 in the morning, after no sleep at all, I showered, got Blake out of bed and decided that it was time to get things checked out. So, off we went to the hospital, bags and pillow in tow. The doctor on call (the same one who delivered Blake 32 years ago) confirmed my worst fears - not much progress. Like, 1centimeter. Which may as well have been negative 3 to me. Blake and I pretty quickly decided that the C-section that was scheduled for just a few hours later at 8am sounded like an option that was better than a long labor that may or may not end in surgery anyways. My regular doctor came in at 6am and agreed that, given my past history (long, induced labor with failure to progress and adverse reactions to an epidural), a C-section was still a good option. While I wasn't thrilled about having surgery again (I really had hoped that maybe labor would work the way it was supposed to this time) I was super excited to meet Baby Boy. See? Super excited.
The best part about a C-section compared to other major surgeries is that the fear of the surgery is outweighed by the excitement. I mean, I was happy to lose feeling in most of my body and hear the clinking of surgical tools. I felt elated (and a little loopy) as they prepped me. I made small talk with the anesthesiologist and laughed with my nurse. Not all of the surgery or the aftermath was glorious (like, I was so cold in the recovery room that they had to take the baby away from me and cover me with heating blankets and other details I will spare you), but, I'm quickly forgetting those details. I will never forget the most important detail though...
Evan Joseph Erdel! Born at 8:15am. Weighed 8lbs, 7oz and measured 21 inches long! Perfectly healthy and super cute. I love him. I was afraid that I wouldn't or couldn't because it was hard to imagine that I could have the same feelings for another person that I already have for Audrey. I wasn't sure my heart was big enough. But I do and it is and life is so good. Even at 3am. No, especially at 3am, when he is all mine.

I did this side-by side to show how much my two babies look alike, not to set them up for a fight for my heart. It's a draw, every time.

So, this holiday season, we are so thankful for all of our blessings. Thank you for reading and may you be blessed, too.


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