Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Trying to Savor the Crazy Time

We bought a new house back in April.
We sold our little, much-loved, little bungalow in June.
We moved in with Blake's parents, Mimi and Poppy.
We played landlords for a few months and then took possession of our new house on August 1st.
The next day, a bunch of guys came in and demolished the kitchen and the master closet.
Since then, they've been putting it back together in a most delightful way.

I've been nesting with no nest, which is not as much fun as nesting with a real nest, but it is nesting all the same.
It involves cleaning the same bathroom over and over again, forcing Blake to paint rooms he doesn't want to paint, buying new towels and shower curtains, planning the kids' rooms in my head, and dusting the pipes and stuff in the unfinished part of the basement.
All totally necessary.

In an attempt to not spend an arm and a leg on professional window cleaning, I bought a nice squeegee, and people, that is where it's at.
The one window I've tackled looks amazing.
I cannot wait to do more.
I'm going to ditch work early today to go wash windows.

Yesterday, I was at Lowe's (for the third time in two days) buying a new curtain rod for the nursery.
The cashier asked me if I knew the gender of the  baby.
I told her "yes, a boy."
The cashier asked "how much longer."
I said "four weeks."
She said with a gasp - "WEEKS!"
"Yes, weeks."

It's simultaneously too much and yet not enough time.
It's too much time for my little body, my back, my heartburn, and my sleep requirements.
It at least seems like not enough time for our house to get put back together so we can move in.
It's definitely not enough time to savor with the two little people who already consume my attention and love and, even though I'm super excited to welcome our new baby, I'm already missing my time with the two we have.

Also, we bought a really sweet minivan.
It's easily the nicest car I've ever owned.


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