Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fruit Salad

My sister-in-law, Rachel, refers to her unborn baby girl as Twinkie.  She is 20 weeks or so pregnant and I've just learned that Twinkie is actually the size of a cantaloupe. Minus the slimy icky seed part, I'm sure.
Our little one, who I think I'll start referring to as Sprout, is currently the size of a lemon, but is covered in fine hair and is capable of blinking, sucking its thumb, and urinating.  Sweet!
Meanwhile, my uterus, doing its duty to provide a safe and healthy home to the little lemonhead, is the size of a grapefruit. 
Fascinating, right?  Especially since you'd think that you would be able to look at me and tell that there was a grapefruit in there somewhere.  But no, I don't think anyone, even Blake, can really tell a difference. 

But I can tell a difference.  The jeans that use to require a belt to stay on are now uncomfortable.  My "casual" work pants have been relegated to the plastic bins I reserve for clothes that I won't wear again for at least six months.  The bins have also swallowed my bathing suits, several skirts, my assortment of Spanx tights, all of my fitted work tops, and a handful of out-grown undergarments.  Replacing those items are a new pair of maternity jeans, a belly-band (I had my doubts, but, man,what a genius invention!), a maternity work dress I can't wait to wear, and cardigans galore.  I also have a new found love and appreciation for elastic waistbands. 

I'll post some kind of bump photos as soon as there's something worth taking a picture of.  In the meantime, enjoy the fruit salad. 

Next week, an orange!


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