Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This Chick is Hilarious

I am not funny.   
I get the punchline wrong on just about every joke.
I can't remember movie quotes.
My timing is horrible. 
Even when I think of something funny to say, I laugh so uncontrollably before getting it out that the end result is anticlimactic and involves a lot of eye-rolling from the listener. 

Bottom line - I stick to serious conversation about things upon which I can speak profoundly and leave the hilarity to others who are blessed with a real funny bone.

Despite my own ability to tell a good joke, I think a lot of other people are funny.  Like this blogger: 

She's also super talented at things like home decor. Check out this nursery she came up with for her baby! 

Totally weren't expecting to hear that this amazing nursery was created by above-pictured Hooters girl, were you?

I've spent the last few evenings reading her blog.  And laughing, a lot.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and I totally understand if you have to abandon my blog for hers.  But I hope you won't. 

Even unfunny people deserve to be loved by cyber-blog-friends, right? 


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  1. It's official...any fan of MODG is a blog I can be a fan of! Yeah for Kates!!

    -Katie Conway