Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Baby, I'm Amazed

We welcomed our daughter, Audrey Clare, one week ago on May 17, 2011!

She's absolutely beautiful, makes us laugh, eats (and poops) like a champ, and is the brightest light of our lives so far.  I've never been prouder or more in love with anyone or anything. 

At 8lbz, 2oz and 20 inches long, she's almost too big for some of her "newborn" sized clothing!

Her grandparents, great grandparents, aunt, uncles and cousin are thrilled. 
Audrey with my dad (Grandpa Bob), me, and my brother (Uncle Jim).

Audrey with great-grandparents Bob and Phyllis, Blake and MiMoo.  Four generations of the Borton family!

Again with Grandpa Bob, all woombied-up.

Audrey with Blake's dad, Poppy.
While we look forward to watching her grow we also can't help but wish we could pause time and experience these new feelings of love and joy forever. 

Thank you all for your love and support during this exciting time in our lives.  We are so blessed to have such amazing friends and family.  Having Audrey in our lives would not be nearly as wonderful if we couldn't share it with all of you.

Love, Kate and Blake (and Audrey, if she knew what a blog was!)

In upcoming posts, I'll tell you more about how amazing Audrey is, share "the birth story" and much much more!  I'm also going to need to tweak the home-page a bit!  Just bear with me on the timing!  Still figuring out the schedule-less schedule of a newborn!

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