Sunday, May 29, 2011

A is for Audrey!

In response to the most popular questions I've gotten since Audrey was born...



  • We've known that Audrey was a baby girl since our ultrasound in January.  We decided that we would find out but that we wouldn't share the gender with anyone.  Blake and I got our stories a little mixed up from time to time so some of you knew that we knew while others believed we didn't.  I'm sorry for lying to you.  I did it to protect the innocent.  And the quality and quantity of pink in my daughter's wardrobe.
  • Our white lies were so good (or so bad) that some of you (MiMoo, Rachel...) even believed we were having a boy.  It's okay though - Audrey loves her football leggings and blue puppy dog sleep sack.
  • No, Audrey is not a family name.  We chose it because we wanted a name that started with a vowel and we thought it sounded classic and smart.  We also liked it because it is not over-used or super trendy.  Our back-up (in case Audrey didn't come out looking like an Audrey) was Avery.
  • Clare, on the other hand, is a family name.  It was my mother's middle name.  We do not plan on nicknaming her ACE, though it might be perfect if she turns out to be a tennis star or a volleyball player.
  • Audrey is a healthy little girl.  Thank you, God.
  • Born at 8lbs 2 oz, Audrey was down to about 7lbs 5oz when we left the hospital.  At her check-up on Wednesday though, she was back up to 8lbs.  I'm glad she's eating well but kind of miss being able to see her beautiful jaw line when she's nursing.  We go back to the doctor's in a few days to check her weight again.  Bring on the baby fat!
  • Audrey is as long as her 2 month old cousin - 21 inches - and her fingers and toes are amazing! Definitely did not inherit that directly from me... yay for tall-ish Blake and Uncle Jim!
  • Audrey's umbilical cord fell off last night when I was changing her diaper.  She wailed for .2 seconds and I panicked that it hurt her or wasn't ready to come off.  She's fine now.  I left the little piece on the changing table part of the pack-n-play which sits at the end of our bed.  This morning, Toby had himself a little treat.  Sick. But glad he hasn't managed to get into a dirty diaper. Yet.
  • We do not know exactly how to explain the very long hair Audrey has on her head.  Blake had hair when he was born but I haven't seen a baby photo of me for a while so I don't remember.  I'll investigate when we're at my dad's house in a few weeks. 
  • I think Audrey's mouth is mine but I'm not sure about the eyes or nose.  They don't seem to belong to either Blake or me, so maybe they are just a good mix.
  • Her ears are small and detached... I don't remember much of anything that I learned in genetics, but I do remember that detached earlobes are a dominant trait.
  • Her eyes are dark and look gray in in certain light.  It is genetically possible that they could be blue, but seems unlikely.
  • Audrey, so far, has her dad's attitude.  She is pretty low key.  She does not go from 0 to 100 in 5 seconds flat like some babies I've encountered.  It takes her a while to get loud, which I'm thankful for because it usually means that I can read the signs soon enough to meet her needs before she gets too mad.
  • She likes to be swaddled at night and sleeps best wrapped up tight.  Makes sense that she didn't want to leave the womb!  I think she'll be a sensitive cuddler.
  • She is very alert but doesn't always need to be entertained, she's content just looking around at whatever is nearby! 

She makes the most hilarious faces!

She finds her fingers and can often soothe herself.  Thumbsuckers unite!
Wearing the same shirt her daddy wore when he was born almost 30 years ago!

The jawline that has now faded into a roll!  Hope it returns when she's older!

Bright red kisser! No lipstick for this girly girl.  Just like her mom.

Up next... answers to all of the MOST asked questions... the birth. 
Readers (especially first time preggo friends) beware.

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