Sunday, September 18, 2011

Opportunities for Optimism - Life Rocks

Every situation is an opportunity for optimism. 
Even the worst things give us a chance to make the best of things. 
If we choose to, we can smile through tears. 
We can learn from adversity. 
We can find peace amidst chaos. 
I repeat, every situation is an opportunity for optimism.
Life can rock us or we can rock it.

Proof that it's better to rock it.

Audrey and Great Grandma - rocking in the oldest rocking chair in America.
Audrey and Wolverine - rocking in the bluest Lay-Z-Boy in America.

Cousin Chloe - rocking the coolest Colts hardhat in America.

Audrey - rocking the cutest knit hat in America.

Audrey at three months - not rocking, but eating her zebra.

Me and Lauren - rocking the year of the 30th birthday.

Me and Audrey - rocking the Bjorn.

Audrey - not so sure about the jumperoo, but she will learn soon, it rocks.

Audrey - rocking the sultry pose.

Me and Audrey - rocking the new sling.

Me being a mom. Ultimate proof that life rocks.
Rock on.

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