Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Calling in the favors and a bit of love from John Denver

Since I started this blog almost a year ago, it has been viewed 11,725 times. 
Just yesterday, it was viewed 90 times. 
The most popular post?  The one on Maggie's wedding with 521 views.
The next most popular?  A is for Audrey and Out of the Kettle with 198 and 194 views, respectively.
Facebook has referred 3,177 views and Google 522.
My friend Kady's blog, Our Becker Blog, has spurred nearly 400 visits.  (Thanks, Beckers!)

Yet, I only have 14 followers that are not me!  So, unless each of my followers has visited this blog 8,375 times each (which would be 161 visits per week per follower) since I started this thing, I have to assume that I have more followers than I have followers.  Do you follow?

The favor?  Follow me!  Just hit "join this site" and then hit "follow this blog."  If you are, for some odd reason, embarrassed to follow me publicly, do it privately.

Why?  Because.  Uncle Kracker says so. 

Plus, having only 14 followers is like having only 3 friends on Facebook.  That kind of stat would cause anyone to wonder "why am I even doing this?"  I mean, I will continue to write this blog for my family, for myself, for posterity, and for my 14 followers no matter what.  But, I'd sure feel a lot better about myself if the 14 could grow to say 28, or 128.  Or more.

Why else?  Because I'm competitive and like to win.  The blogs I follow and admire the most have between 1500 and 2700 followers.  I'm not going to get too big for my britches here and think that I can achieve those kind of stats overnight - they are reserved for full-time, paid bloggers, with potty-mouths, depression, and all sorts of problems that I'm thankful not to have.  BUT, I can certainly do better than 15. 

Oh, you have an excuse?  You don't know how to become a follower? I don't buy it.  Given that 3,177 of my views have come from Facebook, I know that most of my readers are at least savvy enough to hit the two buttons and fill in the minimal info required to follow me.

You want to know what's in it for you?  I don't exactly have any benefits to give that you aren't already receiving, but in the future, if I can get enough followers, I will work on things like a more sophisticated template and design of the blog and a feature that will send updates to followers via email.  Also, if there is a good following, the blog can become a good place for dialogue among followers on topics that matter (and topics that don't).  If and when those good things happen, I encourage you to not be a free-luncher.  Pay the free price and just follow me now.

And if you need more convincing, or you are a Kappa Kappa Gamma and want to feel nostalgic about the good old days, this should do it.

Please and thank you.  You won't be disappointed.

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