Wednesday, January 18, 2012

for your VIEWING pleasure, courtesy of our FABULOUS photographer

Okay. So. It's been a little while since I've posted.  Much longer than usual and even longer than I prefer. Timely and regular posts are a blogger's best friends. And I've been mistreating my friends. And my readers. I apologize. And in order to show you just how sorry I am, I offer you a narrated stream of adorable, professional make-up photos taken by Ryan Cook of Check him out. And enjoy. And then, forgive me.

Now that I can sit up, virtually unassisted by anyone or anything (take that, stupid Bumbo chair) I find myself being perched on all sorts of fun things, like this pretty booth at the Flying Cupcake!

And, since I don't need no stinking hands to hold myself up, I can put at least one in my mouth, at all times.

I'm telling you, what I see outside the window of this cupcake store is a heckuvalot more interesting than my mom or the photographer. Both of whom are making complete idiots of themselves trying to get my limited attention.

Well, fine, I'll give you some attention. But only if you give me one of these books to eat. I mean, er, read.

No? I can't eat a book. Fine. Pthhhththth. Take that.

And mommy wonders where I learned to stick out my tongue? She's kind of dense.

But, I love her anyways. She let's me take the spotlight and even though I cried like a baby when she put this hat on my head, it's really not so bad.

I'm kind of done with this photo shoot. I want to eat a stick.

Well, this chair is fun. But the edible books are still out of reach.

I'm smizing. Smiling with my eyes. Get it? Tyra's going to call soon. America's Next Top Baby Model is all mine.

I like this standing up stuff WAY better than all that sitting.

I'm about to do something devilish. This photo shoot has been torture. All those books and cupcakes and sticks and I didn't get to eat a single one. They're all going to pay. They won't know when and they won't know how, but they'll pay, alright.

Thanks again, Ryan! More posts sooner and more often. Promises. Promises.


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