Sunday, February 26, 2012

Vacation Destination Station: 100.9FM HOO RAY

I told a small group of people at work a few weeks ago that I was really looking forward to the vacation my extended Erdel family was taking at the end of Februay. Someone in that group. A male. Who will remain nameless. And who I'm pretty sure doesn't know what a blog is. Said: "Didn't you just get back from maternity leave?"

My response:

"Are you &$&#((%^ $*(#)%#& kidding me, you $*()*#()$@?" {the angsty bitch in my head that wants me to lose my job}

"Yes, good sir, I did indeed return from maternity leave, 6 months ago. You have an excellent recollection of my utilization of the benefits that are afforded to me by this gracious and progressive law firm and the federal government. What a fantastically lucky woman I am. I will cancel my vacation immediately so that I can spend more time at this office with you." {the sarcastic Brit in my head}

"Well, you know, maternity leave isn't exactly vacation. But, given that you had a stay at home person to raise your children for you, you probably don't know much about that, so I'll let your comment slide." {the calm and collected voice of reality, again, in my head}

Silence, a brief smile, followed by the brisk sound of my heels turning and walking away {my actual response}

I did however, share the comment with anyone else who may have been thinking the same thing but at least had the common sense to simply wish me a good time. I mean. I really need a vacation. It's been almost two years. And while I did spend three months at home with Audrey, it was more work than being at work. And being a working mom is hard. Really hard. We were sick for 3/4 of February. I'm tired. I'm overwhelmed by little stuff like dirty dishes and running out of diapers. I need a break from Toby. I need a break from the gray. I need a break from the drive to daycare every morning. I need a break from dry cleaning and straightening my hair every morning. I just need a break. To rest. To relax. To remember how blessed I am and to take on the rest of 2012 with the energy and focus that my everyday-life deserves.

To remember how lucky I am to be able to take this break. I am very aware that many folks these days aren't doing much in the way of vacationing for one reason or another. And in the event that you happen to be one of those people not taking a vacation this winter, I'll do my best to bring an early spring home from Aruba. And, I'll watch your dog, babysit your kid(s), and pick up your dry cleaning some weekend so you can at least take a small break and do something for yourself. Just as soon as I get back from vacation. Just let me know.

See you on the flippy side,

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