Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lightning Fast

Good golly it's April? Already? What the hell happened to March? Seems like just yesterday we were opening Christmas gifts. Between Audrey getting busy, an uptick in work hours, busy weekends, and the unseasonably perfect weather we've been enjoying, time is simply racing by. Audrey is closer to 11 months old than 10 and, today, she devoured her first peach yogurt. A girl after my own heart.

Here are some first quarter stats and photos:

Size. Audrey is now in her "big girl convertible carseat. She technically can still fit in the infant one (not quite 30 inches tall), but let's be honest, I really looked like an idiot trying to carry her (close to 20lbs) in it (at least 10lbs worth of plastic and foam). I much prefer to snuggle with her on the walk in and out of daycare anyways.

Intelligence. Way, way, way above average. Photo evidence ---->

Health. Good. Made it through the winter with only one serious cold and one ear infection. Fingers and toes still crossed though.
Toofers. Two. On the bottom. Cutest teeth I've ever seen.

Words. none really, but growls when Toby growls. Honks when geese honk. Says "da-da" incessantly. I'm not mad or anything, but I'm still waiting for her to say my name or something that resembles it. But, if she moos at me... it's all over. The breastfeeding that is.

Mobility. Crawling (very fast, with her head down like a ball player running the bases) and kneeling have been perfected. Supported standing is pretty good. And I'm so glad that she learned to sit herself back down because I was getting pretty tired of having to rescue her from the side of her crib multiple times a night.
Look, Moo, a bubble beard!

Hair. Let's just say that I bought baby hair ties at the drugstore this weekend.  No facial hair. Yet.

Tricks: High fives daddy, blowing kisses, licking Toby, feeding herself cheerios and banana, and drinking from a straw sippy cup. Also attempts face plants off the furniture, scaling the back of the couch, and other dangerous stuff.

New experiences: Flying in an airplane, seeing the ocean, feeding a pink flamingo, sitting in the grass, playing with bubbles, sitting in a little chair at school, dancing to the music (can you say "Bieber fever"?), taking her own socks (and shoes) off, eating an ice cube, meatloaf, getting dizzy spinning around while laughing her head off, to name a few.

So, yeah, we've been busy around here! Something new happens every day and we just need to remind ourselves to pause for a minute, get out the camera, and remember it. But keep your eyes open during said pause. Otherwise, you get this photo...

and a screaming, concussed baby on the floor. That is, if you don't have my lightning fast reflexes.


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