Sunday, April 15, 2012

Picking Pinterest Apart

I'm all about creativity and trying new things. And, when I'm a fan, I'm a fan all the way. I will champion your coconut crusted chicken fingers or home remedy for itchy rashes until the cows come home. If they actually taste good. If the rash actually stops itching. But, if I take the time to try your wonderful sounding thingy that people have been pinning on Pinterest for months and it doesn't deliver as promised? I'm going to at least let my own followers and blog fans know about it so they can get their money back. So, this week, on Picking Pinterest Apart... I give you my critical review of this all natural home deodorizer that I pinned a few weeks ago:

It WAS easy, as promised. And it DID smell good, as promised. But, I wouldn't call it a deodorizer because the smell-good effect didn't last beyond the time it was on the stove. Also, it didn't smell like springtime, as promised. Blake came home mid-simmer and asked why I was roasting chicken at 9pm... Maybe I didn't use enough lemons? Maybe I didn't use enough vanilla? I don't know.

But I do know that next time I need to deodorize my house, there are several other things I'll try that are surefire, depending on sitch.

Truly stinky house:

1. Take out the trash and/or empty diaper genie.
2. Run the garbage disposal and the dishwasher.
3. Make sure the toilets are flushed.
4. Make sure the sewer line isn't backing up again.
5. Do all the laundry.
6. Change the towels in the kitchen and bathroom.
7. Open the windows.
8. Give the dog a bath.
9. Give the baby a bath.
10. And if all else fails, give the husband a bath.

Not really stinky but want it to smell better:

1. Plug ins are my friend. No they aren't all-natural and they are pricey, but they work. I prefer the ones from Bath & Body Works.
2. Light a candle. Easy peasey. Just keep out of reach of babes.
3. Cook butternut squash or sweet potatoes in the oven. 350 for an hour or more with about a cup of water. Best part? Edible afterwards.
4. Flowers.
5. Again, if all else fails, give the husband a bath.

Pin that, yo.

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