Tuesday, November 20, 2012

No. Way.

Yes. Way.

It's been two months since I've posted. Wait. It's been TWO months since I've posted? What the hell have I been doing? Here. Let me tell you. That's what this blog is for. Since I last waxed poetic about Audrey's bubbly mornings I have, in no particular order:

Just about completely avoided raking leaves.
Driven to Chicago (twice), Terre Haute, Cincinnati, and Hartford City.
Overhauled Audrey's wardrobe with size 18-24 month clothing.
Flown to Omaha (once was enough) and California.
Taken Toby to the vet no fewer than five times.
Taught Audrey that an owl says "hoo".
Been to Audrey's 16 month wellcheck appointment.
Gotten a flu shot.
Not gotten said flu.
Gotten hand-foot-and-mouth disease instead.
Gotten lost in a corn maze.
Walked the Santa Barbara boardwalk.
Gawked at the wonderfulness of God's creatures at the Sand Diego zoo.
Started a kettlebell regime with Blake.
Unsuccessfully tried to get Christmas photos of Audrey on the beach.
Suffered for backspasms for a week as a result of said kettlebell regime.
Took Audrey trick-or-treating as an owl. The "hoo" came in handy.
Seen a great friend get married.
Played (and drank) at a winery.
Been promoted.
Surfed (or tried really hard to surf) in the Pacific.
Not gotten my hair cut.
Read a million stories with Audrey at bedtime.
Cried at Sea World.

Proof of at least some of these things:

Until next time. Which will NOT be two months from now.


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