Sunday, December 9, 2012

An 18-Month Old Wants Cheese for Christmas

I was going to push out a post on my recent panic attack and wax and wane philosophical about how anxiety makes me who I am. Blah. Blah. Blah. But, then I decided that there was no use in telling everyone what they already know about me (i.e. that I am a stress-case). So, instead, we have a useful post about Christmas-gifting an 18 month old girl. Here goes...

It's hard. I mean, it's hard to know what to buy an 18 month old for Christmas. If I ask her, "Audrey, what do you want for Christmas?" Likely responses include, but are not limited to: cheese, woof, night-night, bye-eee, baby, moo, cereal, mommy, dada, go-go, and beans. So, yeah. Not going to wrap up a block of cheese or a can of beans. And no baby, real or otherwise. Not this year anyways.

So, we decided  to ask Santa for a few other really great other options that we think she will like, even though she didn't specifically ask for them.

Little Tykes Basketball Goal

Little Tykes Golf Set

Toddler Backpack

And, of course, a library's worth of books and enough puzzles to totally drive me crazy when Toby hides the pieces under the bed. She'll also be enjoying some new pjs, art supplies, and hopefully some new socks (if Santa can find a good deal on toddler Trumpettes).

Can't wait to see her little face on Christmas morning when she seeks the boxes stacked under the tree. Also can't wait to see her tote her little golf set around the house. We're going to teach her to say "fore!" but it will sound more like "foe!"And then, when she wants more golf, you'll hear her shouting "moe foe!" Oh, I cannot wait to catch that on video. Can. Not. Wait.

What is Santa bringing your big and little nuggets?

Not stressing about Christmas this year,

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