Sunday, January 27, 2013

20 Month-Olds are AWESOME

My kid is awesome. She's always been pretty great. But now, at 20 months, she's just flat-out awesome. She talks. She walks. She laughs. She dances. She eats. She tells me when she has a dirty diaper, when she wants to take a nap, when she wants to take a bath, read a book, put her shoes on, blow bubbles, color, you name it. She can just about say it. We communicate. We cuddle. We play. She is awesome. This is awesome. Parenting is awesome. I'm in awe of just how awesome it is.

All this awesomeness though? It's wearing me out. I'm sick and I'm tired. And I'm too busy absorbing awesomeness to blog about any of it :)

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