Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Online Shopping v. Eating Too Much Cheese: Solving All the Worlds Problems

I'm recovering from a cold. And by recovering, I mean, still feel sicky and exhausted. Much to the dismay of my co-workers, I've been going to work every day this week. But only halfheartedly and with maybe only a third of the energy and mental capacity I normally have.I have added 110% more hand sanitizer and Lysol spray to my work environment, though, so that's good. Even though a day of sleeping would probably really do a body good, I just can't stay home. I have too much going on at the office and the majority of it simply can't be done from my couch. And, I could feel worse. I don't have the flu. Or viral meningitis. I could feel worse. I know I could.

So, I've been going to work sick. Smack my wrist now. And I've been terrible about my eating this week. And exercise? That has not happened. At all. And this is hard for me because I made a New Year's promise to my body that I would eat more good foods and fewer bad foods. I also promised my body that I would exercise at least three days a week. And, up until this week, when the cold from hell hit, I WAS ROCKING MY PROMISES. I was getting to the gym before work. I was eating more fruits and vegetables and smaller portions. I skipped cookies at firm lunches and replaced soda and juice (and beer) with water and milk. I lost almost all of the extra baby weight I was carrying around. I was only a few days away from the 30 days it takes to really establish new habits. So, as sick as I feel, I'm really just pissed. I hate this cold. Not just for how it's making my head feel like it's wearing a cement baseball hat and the looks of disdain it is drawing from my co-workers, but for what it's done to the 20+ days of hard work I had put in turning healthier choices into a healthier life. I know it's not literary irony, but it is definitely Alanis territory.

So anyways, since I've been sick and not exercising, and eating terribly, I'm specifically craving cheese. And cookies. And bread. And vegetables sound gross when you're sick. So, no veggies. Tonight? I ate a decent dinner. But then I curled up on the couch and tried to figure out how I could get my hands on ice cream with Blake out for the evening and a sleeping baby. Since neither leaving the baby home alone nor waking her up were options... I started in on the cheese. And with each bite, I understood a little bit more how people can really get obese when they eat their feelings. Feelings are a bottomless pit. Especially when your feelings are anger and a headache. Especially for cheese. I needed something to get my mind off of the damn cheese. And the prospect of ordering carry-out ice cream. Enter - online shopping. And, suddenly, after spending just a few dollars (and a Christmas gift card) later in a great online sale for some staple items I've been needing to replace, I feel awesome. No buyer's remorse, because I can send it all back if it doesn't work. And, I've been wanting to order Real Simple magazine for months. So I did that too. $2 for an entire year. Sweet. And, though I can't get to the gym tomorrow, I'm making a smoothie for breakfast. And I will go to the gym on Friday.

Cold. You're out.Healthy habits? And the fresh new cardigan I've been coveting? You're in.

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