Sunday, July 28, 2013

It's all relative, but this is not hard.

Finding a person you want to start a family with is hard.
Deciding that the time is right to try to start a family is hard.
Planning your love life around trying to start a family is hard.
Waiting to see if you are or aren't + is hard.
[Finding our you are pregnant is amazing and terrifying at the same time.]
Waiting again to share the news with people you love is hard.
Wondering whether you are doing the right things for a healthy pregnancy is hard.
Questioning whether you are going to be a good mom is hard.
Being patient is hard.
Being a patient is hard.
Choosing names, nursery colors, carseats, bottles, binkies, mobiles, and all the stuff is [fun but] hard.
Not complaining about the hip pain, heartburn, or never-ending nausea is hard.
Trying to be a good mom/spouse/daughter/friend/sister/employee/co-worker while pregnant is hard.
Labor is hard.
Breastfeeding is hard.
Newborn poop in the middle of the night is [not hard but] hard.
Surviving on little to no sleep is hard.
Being the kind of mom you want to be is hard.

But even harder than all of those things combined?

Being so blessed to be facing or have successfully faced each of these hard things while you watch others struggling unimaginably somewhere along the way. Especially when you know how rewarding it is and how much everyone [well, not everyone, but everyone I'm thinking about] deserves to experience this life-altering miracle of parenthood.

For each of my friends who are lost, hoping, praying, grieving, or just squeaking by somewhere along this journey - you are in my thoughts and prayers.

What you are going through is hard.

My life, my family, my choices, this pregnancy [heartburn included], right now - this is not hard.
I am so blessed.
May you be blessed, too.
You will be blessed.

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