Friday, July 8, 2011

Holy Head of Hair!

When I was in labor, the resident who was checking my progress informed me that "the baby has some hair on his or her head!"  "Great" I thought (insert sarcastic tone)... "I don't really care if she's bald or comes out sporting pig-tails - let's just get this show on the road!"  Hours later, when Audrey was finally born, I don't even think the doctor told me that she was a girl, she just said "wow, she has a lot of hair!"  And then I heard the nurses fawning over her hair, her eyelashes, her eyebrows.  It wasn't until I saw her with my own two eyes that I understood what the big deal was...

Audrey has, and has since day one, a TON of hair! Sure, some of it is on her arms and back, but she has some serious, dark brown locks on her head.  It is pretty much the first thing that people notice about her.  It makes her look girly and I really hope it doesn't all fall out!  Contrary to the old myth, I didn't have much heartburn while I was pregnant and even though both Blake and I had some hair when we were born, it was no where near like Audrey's!  It's difficult to capture the magnitude of this child's hair in photos, but use your imagination to envision it growing at least two inches down her neck and over her ears...

Just one more thing to love, love, love about this little girl!

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