Saturday, July 23, 2011

July Already??

Back in May when Audrey was born, July sounded SO far off.  And now?  It's almost over.  With July has come incredible heat and humidity which has kept us inside more than I'd like - I'm sure Audrey could handle a little bit of heat, but I hate to see her turn red and sweaty!  Let's be honest, I also hate to turn red and sweaty...

July has also brought a little bit of stir crazy for me as I work on a better napping schedule for Audrey.  (I'm trying to make sure she's not awake for more than 2 hours at a time and I think it's important for her to sleep in her crib, as opposed to the carseat.)  It's brought a couple of anxiety-ridden nights of power outages and the fear of losing the "liquid gold" I have stored in our freezer.  It's brought mild panic attacks as I start to think about returning to work in just two weeks!  It's also brought better night sleeping for all of us, as Audrey is now sleeping in her own room and waking up around 3am and then again around 6:30am to nurse.  She's much more efficient now and falls right back to sleep after both.  This means at least 8 hours of sleep for mommy!  Plus, she's been taking long afternoon naps!

In addition to the great sleeping, we have other reasons to celebrate this month!  Our tiny baby is gaining weight (though she's a little low on the percentage chart) and growing!  She was 11lbs at her last appointment (11lbs 3oz at the beginning of my breastfeeding support group on Friday and 11lbs 7oz at the end) and 24 inches long! TWO FEET!

Her torso is so long, she's outgrowing her onesies!  Even the 3 month ones are getting a little snug!  We've learned that she HATES to have a dirty diaper (she gets this from me - I HATE being dirty and would shower and change clothes three times a day if I could... I've been known to change my underwear periodically throughout the day even when I can't shower or change entire outfits).  We've also learned that she is advanced :) for her age...

The pediatrician saw Audrey bearing her own weight and exclaimed: "Well, that's a 6 month activity!"  She also holds her head up pretty well and is looking all around!  She makes eye contact with us and smiles when she sees us!  She's started grabbing for toys every now and then and she is "talking" more and more!  We are still waiting on the first true giggle but are sure that it's not far off!

Every day, Audrey does something new!  While it's hard to keep track, I know that every little thing is really a big thing at her age!  I hate to see her grow up and become less of a newborn every day, but I'm also excited for what tomorrow holds!  Hopefully a laugh!


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