Friday, August 5, 2011

Kids, as in, more than one...

No, we're not planning for #2 just yet.  But you might say we're planning to plan and hoping that we will be fortunate enough to have more children when the time is right (or as right as it can be).

I loved being pregnant (and the stretchy pants, flats, and Big Macs that went along with it).  I've loved spending these first 12 weeks at home, focused on Audrey and nurturing her.  I look forward to having both experiences again.  Sure, it would be seriously cheaper and probably a lot easier to stop now, before we're outnumberd by dogs and children, but we think that siblings (of the human kind) are important. Blake and I both each have one brother and I think I speak for both of us when I say that we are better and our lives are better because of them.  I'm also pretty sure that none of the grandparents would object to more kids.

Before we make any big decisions though, there are a lot of little ones that need to be made about things like jobs, finances and our little bungalow of a house (and whether it can hold any more people).  So, until it's time to make those decisions, we will focus on the blessings we have before us now!  Don't blame me though for focusing in my stretchy pants.


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