Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A post I'm pretty proud of

has been joyfully donated to another blogger.

My college friend, Kady, just welcomed her second child - a precious little girl named Josie. And even though she's still managed to keep up the good work on her family blog, she asked me and a few other bloggers to help her with the content while she was adjusting to a fuller house. The technical term is "guest post" and this is my first one! Another step forward in upping my blogginess.

Kady specifically asked us to write about raising daughters. I happily obliged and pecked out a little number that I'm very proud of on a topic that's important to me... self-esteem and how to give it to my little girl. Check it out here!

Thank you, Kady, for the opportunity! Can't wait to meet little Josie!


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