Friday, December 23, 2011

U is for Pre-Christmas Update {and a Little Holiday Sarcasm!}

Merry Christmas, family and friends! This year, for Christmas, I am gifting you all... wait for it... more information about my baby! You can thank me next time you see me, and please, no unnecessary gifts in return.

As you can see from this photo of Audrey smiling on Santa's lap, she is really enjoying the holiday season. She's digging the lights and the jingle bells and the egg nog we've been substituting for breast milk. I also have a hunch that she's going to explode with enthusiasm for all the wrapping paper great stuff we got her on Christmas morning!

She's actually enjoying everything much more now that she can sit up on her own for endless amounts of time and roll around at will. Her palate also is quite refined - she's inhaling everything we give her on a spoon and that includes these new foods: peaches, a zucchini-apple-carrot combo that looks like dirty applesauce, and butternut squash. She'll even down the peas I made if I hide them in something else and take in some icky prune juice when things get tough down below.

She's talking up a storm. Especially when she's in the car. Lot's of nonsense about the upcoming primaries and whether that Newt guy is a real contender or just floating on celebrity and a big mouth. I try to tell her that politics should be kept private, but she's all "Mom, it's my First Amendment right, blah, blah, dadaahaa." Maybe I've been overdoing it on the NPR and complaints about the Occupy movement? Nah.

I have no idea how tall she is or how much she weighs except that she is taller and heavier than at her 6 month appointment back in November. She's even taller (I think) than her older cousin, Chloe. She's moving into 9 month clothes and I'm pumped. We were both getting sick of those 6 month duds and are ready for a new wardrobe. I'm hoping for some good post-holiday sales at Carters and Baby Gap.

Hmm, what else to report? Not much, I guess, other than that Audrey is the one light bulb in our house that hasn't burned out in the last couple of months and the one light fixture we are not interested in replacing. She's awesome. We love her more every day. I cannot even remember my life without her. But, let's be honest, I can't even really remember my life yesterday. I will leave you with some favorites from the last couple of months:


And now for the non-sarcastic portion of this post:

Merry Christmas, everyone!
May your home be filled with as much joy and laughter this holiday season as you can stand.
Thank you for indulging me, as always, by reading my blog.


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