Saturday, March 5, 2011

Seriously? Am I in a time warp?

Where have the last 31 weeks gone?  7 months have vanished from my life.  217 days, crossed off on the desk calendar, just like that.  Events that once seemed so far in the future (Christmas, the ultrasound, my 29th birthday, the glucose test, my first big baby shower) are now in the past. 

I've heard many pregnant women, in the last months of their pregnancies, say "I just want this baby out..." and "I'm so tired of being pregnant...".  As an unpregnant outsider, I always thought that such sentiments were silly and naive.  I mean, once the baby is out, there is no going back.  Life as you know it is over, forever.  You can no longer just get up and go.  You are selfish if you only think about yourself.  You trade in expensive shoes and vacations for day care and baby food.  Not that any of those things are bad or not worth it - just different and life-altering.  My philosophy then was that women should enjoy every day of pregnancy and the last moments they have (of sleep, dining, TV watching, going out, with their spouse) sans baby and not wish away time.

BUT, now that I've hit 30 weeks and actually started to experience some of the real pains and aggravations of pregnancy (late night leg cramps that feel like daggers twisting in my calf, a sore back, difficult sleep and all day tiredness, nervousness about labor, the constant urge to pee (and peeing myself in the middle of the night)), I get where those anxious annies were coming from.  Minus the morning sickness phase and itchy rash phase, being pregnant up to this point has been super easy breezy for me.  The bump was just cute, my ankles were their normal size, my organs had the appropriate amount of space to expand and do their jobs, my house was organized and uncluttered, I could bend over and touch the floor.  The truth is that, out of the oven or still in, Sprout has already changed my life for ever.  Though I'm not wishing time away and plan to try to enjoy these last two months, I get it and will forever bite my tongue when I hear women who are 30+ weeks preggo say "get this thing out of me!" 

Of course I am excited to have this baby resting on my chest or in my arms, rather than on my bladder, but I'm going to enjoy the time I have left as just me. 

Excuse me now, I have to pee,

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