Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sisterhood: Part II

Of two sisters one is always the watcher, one the dancer Louise Gl├╝ck

I met my best friend Maggie when we were both freshmen at St. Ursula Academy in Cincinnati, trying out for the high school soccer team. She wore Adidas. I wore knock-offs. I also wore rec-specs. Only for one day. But still. She will never let me for get that. I also had a big mouth and a horrid temper. She will never let me forget that either. She still teases me to this day about my 14-year-old-quirks and antics. But all this time, she's loved me in spite them and any new ones I've developed!

Since we met, we've been teammates, classmates, running-mates, running partners, partners in crime. We've been housemates, punching bags, and walking buddies. We've been the best person in each other's wedding and even when we didn't have much in common or even get along very well, we've always been best friends. Mostly because even though Maggie sees my flaws and judges them, she does it in the most loving way and exactly how I need her to so I can be a better person. I can only hope that I'm a mirror for her the way she is for me.

In high school and the years that have followed, Maggie has always been an artist. Not just in her career as a graphic designer or the art she creates, but in life. In the way she carries herself. The way she talks. The way she treats and loves people. She is one of the most passionate, compassionate, loyal, and honest people I know. Everything she does, she does it with thought and grace. The way she reacted when I told her that I was pregnant and due on her wedding weekend is just one example - she suggested she'd change her wedding date. Of course, that ended up not being necessary! Mission accomplished, remember?

If you know me and you know Maggie, you know which of us is which. Without question, without a shadow of a doubt, without hesitation... you know...

Maggie is the dancer. And I am the watcher. But, when I'm not doing my part as the watcher and I'm off doing something ridiculous, she is the watcher. She's as good at watching as she is at dancing.

And that is why she is a sister I never had.

Anything you want...
Anything you need...
Anything at all...
Baby, you've got it!


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