Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bumps in the Night!

3am and I have gotten to know one another pretty well this past week and between work and Toby's early-morning antics, I've been one tired mama!  I have zero problems falling asleep, often times I'm out before Blake and I even have a chance to say "goodnight."  But then, 3am rolls around and for no apparent reason, wham! I'm up. 

I'm not uncomfortable, actually it's usually the opposite.  Toby's not whining, though I sometimes hear his tail thumping the side of his crate.  I'm not having nightmares, just the usual odd dreams I've always had.  Blake isn't snoring (thank God).  So what the hell is it?

One of two bumps in the night.  Bump one - the baby! For over a week now, I've been feeling little pokes from the inside out.  Not sure when Blake will be able to feel it from the outside, but it's pretty cool and every little nudge is affirmation that this is real.  After so many weeks of no bumps of any kind whatsoever, these bumps in the night (and pretty much any time I'm quiet) are welcome.  This bump is also welcome as well...

19 Weeks
Bump two - my growling stomach!  After Sprout nudges me awake, I very quickly realize that I am starving (and have to pee, but that's not new).  I mean starving.  But, I'm so warm and comfortable and afraid of waking Blake and/or the dog, I don't want to get up to do anything about it.  So I lay awake, trying to talk myself out of the urge to make my way to the kitchen and eat a cheese stick or a Snickers, or worse, drive to McDonald's for a big mac (I've had more big macs in the last 19 weeks than I've ever had in my entire life...gross, I know).  This has got to stop. So, the mission, eat enough before I go to bed to not wake up hungry.  After spending the last, oh, 10 years, avoiding late night snacks, eating after 9pm is going to be a mental challenge, but I'm going to have to just do it. 

3am bumps and I can become long distance friends.  Or, at least the hunger ones - I'll keep the baby bumps :)


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