Sunday, December 5, 2010

Toby Comes Home!

One week ago, the first phase of Erdel Expansion was completed - Toby came home to live with us!  One sleepless night, only a handful of accidents, one crying fit by mom, and a serious biting problem later, Toby is making himself right at home.  By "making himself right at home" I mean running around like a mad-man, chewing on everything from my toes to the basket of wood next to the fireplace, and begging to come up on the couch.  Mom and dad are still getting used to having the little nugget around... but I think this is going to be fun :)

Sidebar: OMG - Toby was sitting on the couch with me as I typed, Blake walked into the room, and Toby launched himself off the edge of the couch onto the pillow we let him sit on on the floor.  We both just watched him do it and I'm still laughing!  Of course he is fine, but man, this dog is fearless!

With Toby to take care of and worry about, I've been thinking less about the fact that I'm now 18 weeks pregnant, having been feeling some baby movement (or at least I think it's baby movement) and have a little bump to show for it!  I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and am looking forward to hearing the heartbeat again!  The nursery furniture we ordered and our bedding were delivered yesterday, but I'm going to wait to post pictures until everything is finished... the suspense is killing me, so I'm sure you are dying to see it (and bump pictures), too.  Patience is a virtue.

Do not be deceived by this picture.  Toby does not have patience.

I've also been thinking less about the fact that Christmas is right around the corner.  I've hung the stockings, bought a boy scout wreath for the front door, and put up the creche nativity scene my mom helped me build over the years, but we're going to forgo a tree this year.  I've loved putting up a tree with Blake the last couple of years, but it's a lot of work and we decided to focus our energies elsewhere this season.  At the moment, Blake is working on hanging the outside lights, so at least passerby won't think we are all bah-humbug.

See, we can have the Christmas spirit without a Christmas tree...



  1. OMG! You called Toby a little nugget! That's what I call Bella too! Shortened to 'Nugs' :-)

  2. Fyi- I had to make a google account for our Denmark blog... and I cannot figure out how to change my ID from Ms. Rueger. So I sound super professional when I post :-)

  3. you brought back memories of my early days with Togo! Enjoy, it definitely gets easier! : )