Thursday, December 23, 2010

No. 8 - Parties with a Purpose

We may all still be waiting on our "uncommon success" but the group of DePauw grads that Blake and I hang out with on a regular basis have managed to find at least ordinary success at many things.  Among us are doctors, bankers, nurses, wonderful parents, non-profit-world gurus, tax and insurance folk, teachers, dog lovers, homeowners, athletes, contributors to all things important, marathoners, students, and just all around good people.  We are individuals who do things with a purpose and by golly, we do them right. 

The same attitude that leads this group to success in life in general is also the primary source of the No. 8 highlight of 2010... PARTIES WITH A PURPOSE!  No, we don't get together and party to raise funds for charity or plant trees (maybe in 2011), but we do get together in a planned and organized fashion that only makes the get-together that much more fun.  Still not sure what I mean?  Check out these examples:

Random Events and Holidays
Second Annual Chilifest at the Erdel's
February 2010 - Team Canada!
In honor of the 2010 Winter Olympics, Blake and I concocted an evening of games and events (think euchre, boggle, yatzee) complete with team flags, medals, and medal tally board.  Of course, no Olympics is complete without chili and beer, so we had plenty of both.  This party (and the events that took place after the final medal ceremony) will be a thing of legends.

Walker Thanksgiving - 2009

So yeah, I know, this is from 2009... it's just such a good example of Parties with a Purpose that it had to be given its due.  Every year, the Walkers host the gang at a Thanksgiving feast complete with deep fried turkey and all the necessary side dishes... and last year, complete with a Pilgrims v. Indians scavenger hunt.  The cunning and swift Indians easily took home the prize on this one.

Annual Canoe Trip - 2009
Yeah, this is from 2009 also, but again, must be given its due (plus, I spent this year's canoe trip at the public library near Wabash University... preggo and canoeing didn't sound like a good idea at the time).  This group has gone on a canoeing/cabrewing trip for years, usually at the end of summer (sometimes with no water to canoe in) and it has been one of the highlights of the summer.  The master organizer, Meggie, splits the group into guy-girl pairs and the competition is on.  We design t-shirts, we buy props, we try to be as clever as we can in a canoe.  Water or no water, laughs are guaranteed.

Birthday Celebrations

Matt's 30th in Chicago - Rooftop Seats
at the Cubs game

Caleb's Surprise 30th at the Casba
A group that celebrates for no reason at all doesn't let up when it comes to birthdays.  This year especially, as some of our own have started to hit the big 3-0... the parties have only gotten more intense.

They now involve surprises, traveling, giant cut-outs, family, friends from out of town and all the pomp that turning 30 deserves.

I have a feeling that while the novelty of 3-0 may have worn off by the time I (the youngin' of the group) turn 30, there will be plenty of partying between now and then to make up for it. 

The best part of these birthday parties is not the spurprise, or the cake, or the drinks, or the location, but the vigor and enthusiasm with which they are thrown and attended.

 Baby Celebrations

Stef Campbell Shower - 2009
The same is true when new additions come along.  Everyone, men included, turn out for baby showers in this group (granted, they drink and go bowling beforehand... but still).  I'm always especially impressed with the thoughtful party favors and "games"... an Adele CD in honor of baby Addie, a quilt with personal messages from each of us for Baby Corbitt... no smelling baby food for this group.  I'm looking forward to all the parties and events and showers that 2011 is sure to hold! 

Party on, friends,

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