Thursday, December 23, 2010

No. 7 - Good Weddings of Even Better Friends

Every person between the ages of 25 and 30 is bound to have had one of those summers... one where every weekend involves a wedding, a wedding shower, a bachelor/ette party (or two), or some other event that is somehow related to a wedding.  The summer of 2010 was that summer for us.  Between March and October, we (or just I) attended like, eight weddings, two blow-out couples' showers, and a couple of other parties here and there.  Of the eight weddings, only one was in town.  We spent time in Phoenix, Chicago, southern Indiana, Cincinnati, Culver, and South Bend.  It was a lot of effort (and moola).  But it was fun.

Arizona - Andrew and Rachel
Madison - Blake and Sarah
I've found that weddings, if I go into them with the right frame of mind, are a great date night (or week) for Blake and I.  They encourage us to look and smell pretty, get out of the house for a night, hold hands, and dance. 

Culver - Marissa, Natalie and Me
South Bend - Tom and Jen
I also cherish being able to witness good friends share their vows and commit themselves to one another.  It reminds me of the vows that Blake and I made to one another at our wedding and how important marriage is to us.  I love being able to support my friends in their marriages, from day one, and wish for all of us marriages that stand the tests of time and the crap that life can throw at them.  I also love being reminded of what beautiful friends we have and how lucky we are to have so many friends who believe in the same things we do.  To all the 2010 brides and grooms, congratulations and best wishes!

Carmel - Tiffany and Ryan
Cincinnati - Kelly and Ryan
2011 is already set to hold at least a couple of weddings that will be important to us and that we can't wait to attend, but I doubt the 2010 summer-of-the-wedding will ever be trumped.  More than likely, weddings will turn to baby showers and and bachelorette blow-outs to birthday parties featuring bounce houses and Dora the Explorer...

Anyone ever considered a destination baby shower?  Bermuda anyone? Kate

Photos: I take no credit for the last three photos in this post... I stole them from the Facebook pages of my friends and they do not belong to me.  Please don't send my any money for them, as I think that would be a copyright violation of some kind.  Thanks.

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