Sunday, January 2, 2011

No. 3 - Maternity Clothes are Fun

Love the full-band... wish I
looked like this ever.
Seriously, I'm not sure how I'll ever go back to pants that do not have an elastic waistband.  I also have no idea how women with any fashion sense survived pre-Pea in the Pod and Gap Maternity.  When I feel yucky and puky and fat and stretched out (feelings which I'm sure will only get worse over the next few months), I at least know that my jeans will fit.  Sure, they may not be my "normal" jeans, but they are designer jeans nonetheless. 

So, while I didn't get to have exactly the kind of fall shopping spree I normally treat myself to this year, I had a whole new kind of experience at Destination Maternity with Mimoo - one that invovled a strap-on-belly-pillow, full-panel v. demi-panel debates, and billowy tops.  Different, but still fun.

In addition to  the elastic waist-band being super comfy, I am also really digging the maternity clothes because they make me look preggo even though I'm still kind of small.  There is something about the cut ...  Call me different that I want to look pregnant, but hey, I am pregnant, and the bump makes me happy.

Different, but still fun,

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