Saturday, January 22, 2011

Snow in St. Louis

This is the view from my hotel:

The Cardinals' stadium.  Yes I am in St. Louis, a place I did call home for a brief time.  Not feeling so homey this time around...  I have already been here for like, 4 days.  I will be here for another 5 days.  Maybe even 6 or 7.  I am working.  Real lawyering, actually, for what feels like 16 hours a day.  Trial starts on Monday and from now until it is over, I'm just going to focus on each task at hand, each hour, each day. 

Before I know it, it will be over and time to get home to my sweet puppy and husband.  I haven't been away from Blake for this long since before we were married and I really miss him.  I'm afraid Toby is going to forget who I am.  Sprout is keeping me good company, though, as active as always, and I keep telling myself that I'm not alone at all.  According to the apps on my phone, I've got 106 days to go.  Sprout weighs over 20 oz and is over a foot long head to toe. Hard to imagine that all that fits in this bump that still seems small. 

I'm realizing two things now as I write this post.  (1) I've not shared any info about our ultrasound appointment via blog.  I need to do that.  I will do it.  No promises on when! (2) I need to get back to work.

So, if for the next week, I ignore you, don't respond to email, text, or Facebook message - I apologize.  Sprout and I say "hello" from room 2030 and I'll get back to you when it's all over. 

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