Sunday, January 2, 2011

No 4 - Erdel Expansion Phase 1 Complete

We have been wanting a dog for a long time.  For whatever reason, we decided to go ahead and just pull the trigger this past fall.  Enter puppydog cuteness and love forever - Toby.  He's only been a part of our family since Thanksgiving, but I really can't even remember what life was like before him.  We plan our days and nights around him.  We buy him toys, coo him to sleep, feed him on a regular schedule, medicate him for parasites and heartworm prevention, and otherwise worry about his health and safety.  We play with him, walk him, praise him, and try to teach him how to be a good (the best) dog. 

Blake's parents (MiMoo and Grand-Dude) love him and even my dad (Most-Esteemed Grandfather) and Blake's brother, who are not really ones for pets, seem to like him okay.  Check out these photos and you will love him, too...

I know that our love for Toby will never compare to the love we have and will have for Sprout, but there's just something about the capacity of a puppy that humans just don't always share ... they love unconditionally, never judge, and don't know how to hold a grudge.  So, hug and kiss your pups, let them chew on the furniture for just a second, and thank them for the lessons they've been trying to teach you.


P.S. Many thanks also to my family for the sweet new camera... no more Droid uploads and Facebook heists for this blogger!

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