Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Pics that Remind Me that I do in Fact Love this Dog...

Toby, like any puppy, is a handful.  He bites stuff, like my inner thigh and the corner of the couch cushions.  He pees on the floor minutes after he's been outside.  He darts around like a mad man when you try to dry him off after a romp in the snow.  He snagged a thread on the new glider with his puppy fangs.  He has an ear infection that makes for stinky, greasy fur around his face.  Uggh.  Hypertension.

But, he is also really cute and funny and gets so very excited to see us when we get home, making all the annoying stuff worth it.  When he's chewing on the magazine basket or hiding behind the recliner doing who knows what to the stereo, I just need to recall these sweet moments and my blood pressure drops...

Me and my two favorite ladies!

Me and my Grand Dude... looks mysteriously like Daddy. Hmmm??

I totally dominate this guy.

Why sit on the bed when you can sit in it?

Man, I miss the RCA Dome.  Good thing I have this cup to remind me of all the good times there.  Go Colts!

Yummy, dirty clothes pile.

Why does Dad have such a big smile on his face?  I'll wake up in a minute.

Just an afternoon nap.  Don't mind the mess, I'll pick it up later.

Oh and, I'm still pregnant :) 23.5 weeks and growing!  Maybe I'll take a break from Tobes and get a photo of that for next time.


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