Friday, April 1, 2011

Growing Pains for Mama

I've kind of gloated in past blogs about how good I've been feeling.  Don't get me wrong, I still feel pretty good, considering that I'm carrying around 20 extra pounds and a bowling ball 24/7.  But, I woke up yesterday with a a really horrible pain in my butt.  Seriously.  I think they call it sciatica and it was one of those things that I really never thought I'd have to worry about.  It starts at in my lower back and then shoots down to the back of my upper thigh like a serious charlie horse.  Not quite as bad as the calf cramps we've all experienced, but bad enough to make me limp.  So today, I brought the heating pad to the office.  We'll see if it helps.

The other pain worth mentioning?  Our little Toby is now 6 months old and that means its time for him to be neutered.  I took him to the vet this morning and he will be there all weekend, until Monday.  I cried when the tech took off his collar and handed it to me.  I cried when she told me that he couldn't have his little towel because it has threads falling out of it.  I cried when she took him out of the room.  I cried even harder when after I said "I'm sorry, I'm pregnant and a little hormonal" and she responded, with great surprise, "Oh! You are?"  Guess she missed the limping and the bowling ball.

I called Blake from the car, still sobbing.  If I can barely leave my puppy for a weekend how in the heck am I ever going to leave our baby somewhere?  He assured me that though it would be hard, it would all be okay.  I believe him on both counts.  But I still have tears in my eyes as I think about it.

Sad puppy dog eyes,

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  1. Kate! I love your blog, so funny!!! Yay baby!!!
    Sarah Gehring