Monday, April 18, 2011


I had my 37 week check-up today.  It involved the following:  the nurse had to skip right over the 100 lbs notch on the scale to the 150 lbs notch (though she did not need to use the ones...); my blood pressure is still good and low; baby's head is still down, though "floating" - whatever that means; Baby's heartbeat is in the 150s, which is good.

It also involved me asking a bunch of questions about icky things that I would like to avoid if possible such as suction and forceps, C-sections and episiotomies.  Dr. L reassured me that members of his practice "do not do these things for the sake of doing them" (even on a Friday night) and that, in most situations, they would ask, or at least inform me, before doing anything.  So, that made me feel pretty good about some of the "what ifs" that I've been carrying around.

After putting Dr. L through the wringer, he very clearly said "well, Kate, though we can only predict so much, it does not appear that your labor will start in the next 12 hours."  So, I've got at least 5 more hours... and probably many more than that before anything happens. That's just fine with me - I want Sprout to cook for as long as her or she needs to to come out healthy and ready to come home with us right away (babies born early can have lung development issues and need extra time in the ICU...).

On his way out of the room, Dr. L handed me my record sheet.  I only glanced at it but couldn't help but notice that at the bottom, where it says "weeks", instead of writing 37 like I would have expected, they wrote "T"... term.  Wow.



  1. Kate - This is so exciting. Will be thinking of you this weekend. Good luck, and congratulatins!

  2. Exciting - You're at "term"! I'm so happy for you and Blake. One way or another, I hope you get to make it to your friend's wedding. Much love to you.