Saturday, April 16, 2011

Photo Finish

Life passes us by so fast and there are millions of little moments worth capturing - Toby doing something cute (or something bad but hilarious, like pulling out yards of toilet paper from the roll or running around with my tennis shoe in his mouth), Blake doing something cute (like snuggling on the floor with Toby), the flowers in bloom in our front yard, celebrations with our friends, my Sprout bump growing.  Yet, most of us rarely take the time to make even a mental picture, much less snap a real one.  And even then, when we do, they sit on the memory card or maybe Snapfish or Facebook without ever making it into old fashion photo albums.  I'm totally guilty.

I'm not promising that this will for sure change with the arrival of Sprout, but I do have really good intentions of taking more photos and getting more of them into print so that someday, we can open at least a shoe box and flip through stacks of 4x6s like my family use to do.  I recently ordered prints from the period of time between college graduation and our honeymoon.  The next set will be the last three years.  And then, I'll be caught up and can hopefully make photo ordering an annual event...

Since Blake and I are not really accomplished photographers (even though we do have a pretty decent camera), we wanted to have someone who was get a few good ones of us now - before baby.  Enter Ryan Cook - the husband of one of Blake's fellow-residents - and a sunny Sunday in April. 

Holcomb Gardens - Butler University
We live down the street from this park.
Blake's parents got married here.
We were engaged here.
This can be our spot.

If you want to see more, go to
Click on the yellow icon to enter the site.
Then click on "clients".
The password is our last name.

This is at 56th and Illinois.
Also down the street from our house.
Nothing special about this bench.
I just like the look on my face.

Many thanks to Ryan for spending the afternoon with us and for the blog-able pdfs!  Can't wait for our next photoshoot - the one with the BABY!



  1. Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing! --Laura C.

  2. hi kate! i was wasting time on facebook and came across your blog...its awesome! and these pictures are so cute, i love the last one. i hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly! congrats!
    brittany nurre

  3. I love reading your blog...these pics are so great too! You two are too cute! You could be a professional writer. :-)