Monday, April 25, 2011

Ready or what?

In the past, here and here, I've said that I'm not in any huge rush for pregnancy to be over.  Well, that was in the past.  I'm still not totally ready for pregnancy to be over for a handful of reasons including that I still feel pretty good, Sprout is doing well, and my due date is still two weeks away.  BUT, I am getting SO ANXIOUS to meet the little one I can hardly stand it! Plus, I feel like we're ready...

Gear and life organized - check. The nursery is finished (photos next time, I promise), our bump photos have been taken, the swing and bassinet are set up and ready to go (thanks, Blake), car seat bases are installed (thanks, Blake), clothes are washed and ready to be worn, diapers and wipes are stashed around the house, the bathtub has been deep-cleaned (thanks, Blake), the yard has been mulched (thanks, Blake), and the kitchen has been reorganized.

Work transitions set - check. I've notified clients, updated my colleagues on the status of various projects, recorded my vm away message, and drafted my out-of-office email alert.

Information overload - check. We finished our childbirth class weeks ago and I've read no fewer than 6 books on various topics from breastfeeding and healthy sleep to swaddling and nutrition during pregnancy and afterwards.  I've googled every question I can think of and interrogated my mommy friends about all sorts of personal topics I never imagined myself talking to anyone ever about.  I'm sure there is more that I could learn, but I am more of a hands-on learner...

"Responsible adult" activities - check. We've purchased extra life and disability insurance just in case and we finalized our wills and estate planning documents last week.  We changed our beneficiary designations and I've sent off copies of everything to the people who hopefully will never need them.

So, all that being said, I think we are ready to welcome Sprout.  At least, as ready as we'll ever be.  If nothing else, I'm SO BORED with the waiting and am pretty sure that Sprout's arrival will cure that problem... bring it on.

So what's not ready?  Sprout, apparently. 

Here's to patience, which has never really been my thing,

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