Friday, April 22, 2011

Sites worth sharing

Since finding out I was pregnant (and maybe even before then), I've turned to the Internet on various occasions for information...  Some sites I've stumbled upon seem worth sharing!

Best General Pregnancy Site

While I would NEVER recommend a website for medical advice, I like the Baby Center website for general information about fertility, nutrition, fetal development, baby names, coupons, you name it. They also have a pregnancy app that I have on my Droid that reminds you how far along you are (not that I've ever needed reminding!) and gives you ideas on things you should be doing in any given week.  I most recently utilized the page that lists what I should pack in my hospital bag(s).  Though I've also read a good number of books on pregnancy, the major benefit of this website, I think, is that unlike some of those books I've picked up, like What to Expect When You're Expecting, the site is more positive than negative and it is much easier to search than the cryptic table of contents.  You can just skip to the stuff you're interested in and avoid the stuff you aren't.

Celebrity Babies

I've been reading the celebrity babies tab of while I eat lunch for a very long time.  I mean, who isn't fascinated by celebrity babies and their often cookey parents?  Though I don't generally participate, they have some cool giveaways and sometimes have reviews of cool baby stuff like strollers, clothes, stationary, and toys that I wouldn't otherwise find on my own.  I also admit to reading the blogs of celebrity/athlete moms like Jennie Finch and Kerri Walsh.

Discount Baby Stuff

I've never been much of an Internet shopper - I hate the prospect of having to return items that don't fit or aren't what I expected.  BUT, Sprout apparently loves to Internet shop... girl or metro little boy?

Zulily is my favorite... some of the items are still pricey and though the shipping cost is not outrageous, sometimes it defeats the deal.  However, if you hit it on the right day, you can get a handful of really nice things at a great discount, which does make the shipping cost worthwhile.  I recently got a super cute little hat and they have some decent maternity/post-partum clothing deals too.  I've also been recently turned on to Gilt which has way more than just children's stuff.  I haven't actually purchased anything, but they do have some good deals.

Though I wouldn't call it a discount store, I also really like etsy, the site where people can sell their own wares.  There are tons of people who make "newborn photo props" like knit diaper covers that are super cute... we're ready for our photo shoot!  Just make sure to plan ahead because a lot of the items aren't made until you order them.

Finally, I was dreading having to purchase a breast pump for nearly $400.  A friend sent me a link to Lactation Care, Inc. and I was so happy to learn that they sell the same stuff as Babies-R-Us and Buy Buy Baby for $100 cheaper.  You can't order some of the items online, but they will email you pricing information and then you can call and order or fax them an order form.  I opted to just call and I got my little machine within 2 days.  Also, its a small, women-owned business, so I felt good supporting it.

I'm always looking for new sites to check out (though my Internet surfing lunch breaks are going to come to an end soon...) so please share any you enjoy or find useful!


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  1. LOVE Zulily! Order from there all the time. Try as well : ) Not as good as Zulily, but they have some cute stuff sometimes too.